Piercing Services


Type of piercing
Healing times
Ear Lobe (single) 4-8 weeks
Ear Cartilage - Outter Rim 12-36 weeks
Inner Cartilage - Rook, Tragus, Conch 12-36 weeks
Industrial Project Bar 24-48 weeks
Navel (Belly) 12-36 weeks
Eyebrow 6-8 weeks
Nostril 12-16 weeks
Septum 4-8 weeks
Oral - Lip, Tongue 4-12 weeks
Cheek (each) 24-36 weeks
Nipple (single) female 24-36 weeks/male 12-16 weeks
Surface 24-36 weeks
Genital (female) 4-16 weeks
Genital (male) 4-24 weeks
Dermal 16-24 weeks


Thoroughly wash your hands and wrists with Provon liquid antibacterial soap before cleaning or handling your piercing. Spray your piercings entrance and exit holes with Wound Wash*  (1-2x daily). Wipe any crusty discharge away from the jewelry with a non-woven gauzed soaked with saline.

DO NOT use makeup or harsh chemicals such as rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bactine, ointments, creams, or oils of any kind. These products can cause hypertrophic scarring and/or delay proper healing.  Avoid touching or playing with your piercing, especially with unwashed hands.

DO NOT twist, rotate or remove jewelry to clean. Even with healed piercings, removing the jewelry may result in loss of the piercing.

AVOID  sleeping on your piercing as this can result in migration and irritation to your piercing.

ORAL PIERCINGS  can benefit from the introduction of cold to soothe swelling. Drinking ice water can be very helpful.  Please avoid any activity that would result in someone else's bodily fluids getting into the piercing, including sharing food or beverages.  Feel  free to rinse your mouth out with filtered or bottled water regularly.

AVOID  aspirin, alcohol, and large amounts of caffeine as long as you are experiencing bleeding or swelling.  Also avoid smoking and or recreational drug use! It increases  risks, and lengthens healing time.

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